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Moving house or commercial premises involves a lot of packing. You can spend weeks organising their possessions and placing them in labelled boxes. But why go through that hassle when you can use professional packing specialists who do all the work for you? 

Here at Danny and Co, we offer packing services that you can trust. Instead of worrying about how you’re going to organise all your stuff, we pack it into boxes for you, ready for the move. 

For us, packing is an art – one in which we have many years of experience. We understand the importance of the process and how it makes moving office or setting up your new home a breeze. We label all your boxes according to where you’d like to place your belongings when you arrive at your next property or commercial. And we pack them in such a way that we protect them during transit. Our profession-grade packing materials give you peace of mind and protect even the most delicate items from knocks and bumps while in transit. 

Packing shouldn’t be stressful. There’s no reason to take on the challenge yourself if you don’t want to. With Danny and Co, we take care of the entire process on your behalf, taking that burden off your shoulders. 

Safe & Professional Packing 

For years, your possessions sat safely in your home or office. But when you move, you have no choice but to transport them. 

Packing and removing high-value items is always a worry. Ideally, you need professional removalists with years of experience packing delicate, valuable items, both large and small.

Here at Danny and Co, that’s precisely what we offer. Our team of professional removalists understand how to pack any high-value, delicate item so that it arrives at your new location in perfect condition. We have experience in packing chinaware, paintings, pianos, antique furniture, family heirlooms, computer equipment and much more. Just get in touch with us today to find out how we pack your items and keep your valuables safe. 

The last thing you want when you arrive at your new property is broken possessions. With Danny and Co, you have professional removalists by your side who ensure that never happens. Plus, when you choose us, you get a host of other perks, including affordable, flexible removals, friendly customer service and storage. We take care of your packing quickly, allowing you to box up and get moving the moment the time comes to hand over the keys.

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